Snipe your Best Teammates ever.

Snipe Features

Smart Playstyle Recognition

Snipe uses smart AI models to determine your playstyle so you can match with the best duo for your style.


Verified Player Stats

Player’s stats are verified so you can be sure people are who they say they are before heading into game.

Track Your Daily Progress

Track your progress on Snipe and see how you’re improving from day to day.

Only Play with Players You Like

Your Epic name is hidden until both players swipe right, so you’ll only ever play with people you want.

Supports ALL Platforms

Whether you play on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, iPhone, iPad or Nintendo Switch, you can find teams on Snipe.


Discover & Play with Streamers

Use Snipe to discover the next big streamers and play with them on their streams!


Play with viewers that will love your style


2 + 2 =