Behavioral Analytics for Gamers and Esports

Predictive Analysis gathers millions of games a day and uses behavioral AI to predict player behavior and game outcomes in both amateur play and professional esports.

Matching & Discovery determines the unique playstyle of gamers and matches them up with compatible teammates and content tailored to their needs.

Audience Engagement provides streamers with tools to grow their audience with viewers likely to subscribe, engage their community, and gain exposure.


The Snipe app matches each user with teammates, streamers, and content they’ll love through behavior analysis of their in-game and out-of-game habits.

Playstyle Compatibility

Progress Analysis

Similar Habits

Goal Alignment

Personalized Content

How It Works’s recommendation engines for player and streamer discovery are built on proprietary behavioral and predictive AI models.

Determining Playstyles

We gather millions of games a day and analyze player behavior to predict game outcomes and victory contexts.

Clustering Compatibility

Players are suggested to each other based on compatible play styles and habits to build winning teams.

Learning from Feedback

We learn what makes gamers enjoy playing together from user feedback and refine recommendations.

Our Awesome Team

Alon van Dam

Alon van Dam

CEO & Co-Founder

Saar Berkovich

Saar Berkovich

CTO & Co-Founder

Michael Ostrovsky

Michael Ostrovsky

CDO & Co-Founder

By the Numbers

Snipe has matched tens of thousands of users with compatible teammates since launching in June and is used by streamers and esports pros to grow and engage their audience.

Players Matched

Games Analyzed

Streamers Applied

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